‘Tis the Season, y’all, by which I mean it’s still half a month until Thanksgiving but everyone is already rushing full steam ahead towards that other holiday season, maybe only slowing down to grab a drumstick on the drive by. But if it’s for coffee, I’ll abide the encroaching of the December festivities (I mean, it’s gonna happen anyway, so might as well pretend we have some agency in it, right). That’s why I’m not so down about Onyx Coffee Lab’s Coffee Advent Calendar. It’s 24 days of coffee for your Yuletide countdown pleasure.

According to their website, each Coffee Advent Calendar contains 24 two-ounce (56g) bags of coffee, “the perfect amount of coffee for one pot or one Chemex.” All coffees are whole bean, and each bag is nitro-flushed for freshness. And what coffees will be included? Who knows, that’s the whole fun of it. Included in the 24 different coffee could be the Ethiopia Chelbesa or maybe a lacto-fermented Gesha from La Palma y El Tucan or maybe neither. Half the fun is the anticipation. And you get that excitement everyday for 24 days, which in this household we refer to as the “Triple Hanukkah.”

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Onyx Coffee Lab’s Coffee Advent Calendar is currently on pre-order, with orders expected to arrive at your doorstep in time for the Advent advent. Each box set costs $95 and includes free shipping within the United States. For more information or to order you own Coffee Advent Calendar, visit Onyx Coffee Lab’s official website.

And then we’re going to be back to thinking about Thanksgiving, ok. I’ll be damned if we’re just gonna skip over my yearly-anticipated turkey, dressing, gravy, and cranberry sauce on a yeast roll sandwich.

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