Wednesday Here At Camp Pull-A-Shot

On today’s camp menu:

Introduction to Cupping with Trish Rothgeb!

Espresso Exploration with Bronwen Serna!

Milk and Latte Art with Lorenzo Perkins!

Introduction to Coffee Brewing and Extraction with Nicholas Cho!

All manner of certifications, lectures, and presentations to follow lunch! It’s an orgy of education, a bacchanal of brewing and bonhomie, a surfeit ragbagsaturnalia du espresso unrivaled by both Orient and Occident. The sun is shining, the freezing chill of the morning has burned off, everyone is getting sick, the camp food isn’t bad, and several people are wearing overalls.

We’re off to go see some classes, check back later in the day!


  1. Mike

    26 October

    That guy is so sexy. I always checked him out and Miguel as well.

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