This Cold Brew Coffee Has Weed In It And It Will Get You High

Legal Weed Coldbrew

If you live in the United States and/or smoke the reefer, you're probably aware that in the last election cycle, Washington state and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana usage and sale. If you've ever worked in a US coffee shop or attended a US coffee industry party, you're probably also aware that marijuana enjoys a strong affinity with … [Read more...]

Specialty Coffee Marijuana Blog Blazes New Trail In Washington

"I take two with mine," (Spro & Dro)

In the United States, Colorado and Washington voters passed legislation legalizing marijuana, ending nine decades of pot prohibition. Although it's anyone's guess if these new laws will be fought in court by the federal government, a group of Washington residents have taken to the blogs to express their love of high grade medical cannabis paired … [Read more...]