Elevated Coffee Road Show: Trichome Comes To Portland To Celebrate Legal Weed


Trichome, Seattle’s “lifestyle store that reflects the modern stance on cannabis culture” will be traveling to Portland, Oregon to celebrate the state’s recent recreational marijuana legalization. The company will host its popular “Elevated Coffee” event, featured previously in these pages, complete with weed-infused coffee at Portland’s Maak Lab on Sunday, July 12th. Guests will be treated to herb […]

How To Make Magically Medicated Marijuana Mochas


A few weeks ago we got together with some friends here in Portland, Oregon to celebrate a recent electoral victory that made recreational marijuana legal in this state. We decided to mark this momentous occasion the only real way we know how: by combining coffee and marijuana into a delicious drink. That delicious drink? The […]

Zak & Ethan’s Magic Macchiato (The Magic Is Weed)

Zak and Ethan Magic Macchiato 009

So this drink was submitted to us as part of our Feel Good Drinks Of Fall series, and while it’s certainly a feel good drink, it didn’t quite qualify since it’s not (yet) served in any cafes due to current U.S. drug laws. However! Cannabis+Coffee is slowly starting to happen despite the legal grey area, and this magic chocolate […]

Dank Roast: Trichome Seattle Puts Weed In Coffee And We Tried It

Trichrome Seattle Sprudge

Spro & Dro is an anonymous blogger reporting from the very forefront of specialty coffee & high-grade marijuana. Founded in Washington State in 2012, S&D has been afforded a huge boost in available content over the last few months, as recreational marijuana stores opened their doors across Washington last July. We join Spro & Dro (who […]