Now For Something Completely Different From Joe Coffee Company

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Jonathan and Gabrielle Rubinstein’s regional specialty coffee powerhouse Joe Coffee Company continues its Manhattan dominance with the opening of an astounding tenth shop on the island this week, near New York University on East 8th Street between University Place and Broadway. This marks the twelfth total cafe for our friends & longtime … [Read more...]

Look At This Beautiful Apartment Right Now


Jonathan Rubinstein, owner and founder of Joe in New York City, has been featured in the latest installment of Apartment Therapy. We've featured World Cup Taster Champion Cory Andreen's A.T. write-up, and our LA desk chief Julie Wolfson has been on A.T. previously as well. Now it's Jonathan's turn. Just look at this amazing living … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Joe Coffee In University City, Philadelphia


The last day of summer is September 21st, and as proof, it's still hot as biscuits outside across much of North America and Europe. As further proof that summer vibes are still within your grasp, our world-peering globe-spanning Build Outs Of Summer feature series continues with this, our 21st entry in 2013. And it's a doozy! Our partners at Joe … [Read more...]

It’s Complicated: NYT On Pulley Collective, An Open Relationship Roaster Model


Oliver Strand has the scoop in yesterday's NYT Dining and Wine section: Explore Pulley Collective's website here. For more on Joe's new roasting plans, including their newly introduced house espresso blend, please see this complimentary feature by Sprudge staff writer Alex Bernson. … [Read more...]

Now Pulling: Joe NYC Introduces “The Waverly” Espresso Blend

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Joe Coffee have a hard-earned reputation in New York City as specialty coffee pioneers. In their 10 years of existence, they've served as one the first introductions to quality coffee for thousands of New Yorkers, and paved the way for the explosion of specialty shops in NYC. In the ten years since they've opened, Joe has expanded from their … [Read more...]

NYC: The Very Best Coffee At Grand Central Terminal


With more than 21 million annual visitors, the iconic Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan is one of New York City's loveliest - and busiest - public spaces. And befitting NYC's status as a glittering global coffee capital, Grand Central's Beaux-Arts halls are today home to a dizzying array of specialty coffee options, where delicious espressos, … [Read more...]

NYC: Baristas, Bloomingdale’s, Brooklyn, and Bingo!


New York City is buzzing with events this weekend! NYC - where the "C" stand for coffee! There are two really cool coffee events happening on Saturday, November 10th - and to the untrained eye they seem to be clashing - but if you play your cards right you can make it to both and still have enough time for Le Bingo with Linda Simpson at Le Poisson … [Read more...]