Some Other Lovely Coverage For Your Finals Sunday

Some Other Lovely Coverage For Your Finals Sunday

While the drama, passions and pageantry of WBC Finals Sunday play out on Livestream, make sure to check out some of these blogs covering the event live from Bogota:

*The Barista Magazine Pasteboard has been killing it all week long. Check in with editor Ken Olson throughout the day as he liveblogs each performance, complete with candid photos.

* Brent Fortune and Emily Oak have brought us a week’s worth of delightful coverage on the Unofficial Official WBC Blog. Emily is live on-site, and has overcome the crushing theft of her laptop to help bring lots of great photography and coverage from WBC2011.

*You can also catch up with the weeks’ worth of events and read some liveblogging work from the folks at Natvia over at the Coffee Corner. Be sure to check out their videos, including an interview with the barista champion of New Zealand!


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