Seattle Weekly Follies: Tosti’s Toast, Lin S...

Seattle Weekly Follies: Tosti’s Toast, Lin Steps In

ROSE WILTED: The Seattle Weekly’s coffee blogger Rose Tosti, whose column “Spilling The Beans” departed the mainstream media specialty coffee blogosphere on June 25th. Her final column was something of a personal denouement entitled “Once Upon A Time: Five Critical Truths Gained While Coffee Blogging”, billed as “highlights from a couple years of spilling the beans.” You can read the whole thing here.

LINSANITY: Enter Chelsea Lin, SW’s new coffee columnist with a weekly contribution titled “The Americano Dream”. Ms. Lin has bounced around the Seattle food writing scene for a little while, contributing to mobile apps and helping the Seattle Weekly round out its “Voracious” web portfolio. Her first coffee column introduced her readers (and us) to Ballard’s new Herkimer account, Anchored Ship. Her second column was a flowery, ebullient praise song to the orange cream mocha at Cafe Fiore, and also to that particular Seattle cafe chain’s generous WiFi policy.


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