Our Favorite 2011 Stories and Headlines

A look back at our favorite stories on Sprudge in 2011, culled from close to 700 original features written in cafes in Portland, condos in San Francisco, haciendas in the Colombian jungle, gigantic convention halls in Houston, bars in New York City, lofts in Philadelphia, road trips to Santa Barbara, VIP tents in Red Square, and various forms of public transit. Thank you to our readers and sponsors for making 2011 an incredible year – and get ready for some unbelievable stuff from us in 2012, as we unveil a new form of coverage unrivaled in specialty coffee media: the 24 Hour Brews Cycle.

Most talked about stories of 2011:

Bladdergate: An End to Lot Separation In Ethiopia? (November 30th)

#YesEqual – and – #YesEqual: A Week In Photos (June 30th -July 10th)

DieHipster.Wordpress.com Hates Mike Jones, Itself (May 17th)

Deus Ex Machina: The Strada EP (October 5th)

Editorial: Is Your Bodum Blown Out? (November 21st)

Top headlines from 2011:

Our Groins, Ourselves: Coffee Crotch Shots (November 3rd)

Extra Hotter Than Hell: KISS Coffee Shop Coming To NYC? (August 18th)

Big Brown Stink: Deplorable Homophobic Tweet From Texas Roaster (June 28th)

Schmuck Of The Week: “Devious” Antavious And The Caribou Bugaboo (April 25th)

Starbucks Turns 40, Stays In, Calls Friends (March 10th)

Our personal favorite features from 2011:

Sprudge Op-Ed: The New York Post’s Aesthetique Du Schlock (September 14th)

Video: True Camp Pull-A-Shot Confessions (October 26th)

Moscowabunga! (September 5th)

#Slurparama: Top 10 Coffees And The Scene At Hacienda El Roble (June 1st)

New York Stories: The Worst $5.34 Espresso I Ever Had (August 12th)

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