MONOARABICA! The Secrets Of The illy Blend… ...

MONOARABICA! The Secrets Of The illy Blend… Revealed!

GASP! Our Italian intern Rocco just tipped us off to a juicy story. Turns out that Italian pre-grind kings illy (they of the eternal lowercase) have been dipping their toes into the single-origin market, publicly offering the three unblended components of their famous / infamous “illy blend”. A set of three single origin coffees – from Brazil, Ethiopia and Guatemala – are now available for sale via the illy Italian website. Does this amount to a rare nod from these steadfast blendmongers towards the existence of outside coffee trends? What does Giorgio Milos have to say?

Looks like the “illy Monoarabica” line is only available in Europe, for now. The US-illy website only offers “the illy blend”, available in Medium, Dark and Decaf. Hats off to Rocco, and may we all be so lucky as to have “three unique experiences of traveling in style”. Growl!


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