We want to take time out this weekend to express our love and gratitude for the entire coffee community. We all have varying opinions on a wide variety of topics and our opinions and beliefs should be respected and we should be respectful of one another. One thing is absolutely certain: We are all equal.

In light of recent events, we want to introduce you to Equality Texas. Equality Texas and Equality Texas Foundation envision a state where all Texans are treated equally, with dignity and respect. Please consider donating to this organization.

Show your support! Make an #YesEqual paper hat!

Step one: Take an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper and a pen…

Step two: Fold the paper hamburger style…

Step three: Fold in two corners like so…

Step four: Fold up the bottoms to make a nice brim and write “#YesEqual” with your pen…

Step five: Take a picture with the hat and send it to yesequal@sprudge.com or post it on the Sprudge.com Facebook page or post it on Twitter with the hash tag #YesEqual (be sure to @sprudge)! Let’s make as many #YesEqual hats we possibly can! Get creative! Have fun! Love each other! Have a wonderful weekend!

– Zachary & Jordan



  1. Chuck Smith

    3 July

    On behalf of Equality Texas, thanks for your support!
    Indeed, one thing is absolutely certain: we are all equal.
    Unfortunately, the laws of Texas and the United States do not treat people equally with regard to sexual orientation or gender expression.
    San Antonio has the highest percentage in the country of gay/lesbian couples raising children (33.9%), [http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2011/06/top-metros-for-same-sex-couples-with-children/241113/], yet every adopted child in San Antonio with 2 moms or 2 dads is prevented from having both parents names on their birth certificate.
    #YesEqual , but not treated equally. If you’d like to help change that, please contribute to Equality Texas at http://tinyurl.com/eqtxdonate
    Thank you!

  2. Bravo!! Wonderful work guys. My hat’s “on” for what you are doing. Respect.
    Will you make T-shirts? Barista hats? If so, I’m in for my whole crew. Say even an #YesEqual @Sprudge day at our cafes, all wearing the T. Wonderful, just wonderful. You’ve made my week.

  3. The Cookie Monster

    1 July

    That’s what this campaign is all about, Jamie. It’s time we stop wasting our precious energy on hate and focus on peace, love, dignity, equality and respect.


  4. jamie cunningham

    1 July

    what I like about the coffee community is it’s willingness to forgive people when they fail, not support the wrong action, rather seek reconciliation with the person. I would like to see more of that at the moment. responding to mistakes or even hate, with more hate is hypocritical and will only make matters worse.

    • Brian G

      1 July

      Jamie, I like your sentiment, but to be fair, acknowledging that someone has said something prejudiced and calling them out on that does not hateful speech make. People reacting have been doing so out of surprise, hurt feelings, and moral objection, but as someone who disagrees with Mr. Blanco I do not feel like any of his opposition has come from a place of hate. By calling both sides hateful you’re using rhetoric to dismiss a legitimate reaction to his repudiation of an entire minority group.

      If he finally felt sorry and wrote a sincere apology (which he didn’t delete within a day) I think everyone would move on, forgive, and forget it happened a lot sooner. And yeah, as the Cookie Monster said, this campaign is to join in a positive cause — acknowledging that queers are #YesEqual, not #NotEqual.

      • kyle

        6 July

        what i don’t get is why his tweet still counts after it has been deleted, but his apology doesn’t once it has been removed.

        double standard much?

      • Brian G

        9 July

        Kyle, the tweet still counts even though it was hidden because it’s from the same guy who at last check has made a blog post hinting that you should celebrate his homophobia as ~diversity of ideas~. He may be sorry that people were offended by his prejudiced remarks, but it is evident that his gays-are-not-equal stance remains.

        Sure, businesses can be run with people of different philosophies. I get that. But what Aaron Blanco still doesn’t seem to understand is that he is living in a society that has privileged him as a straight male. He and his wife receive many legal and financial benefits from their heterosexual marriage in the US, and by very directly implying that same-sex couples who are just as in love as him and his wife don’t deserve the same government-given benefits, he has proven that he holds bigoted views, that queer people deserve fewer rights than he does.

        And trying to attract customers by being vocal about his prejudices should make you at least a little uneasy.

    • PamluvsGinger

      3 July

      I agree Jamie. Except in this instance, Brown Coffee Co retracted their apology and jumped on the homo hate wagon that circles the great state of TX (where I live) on a regular and unrelenting basis. I applaud and support Sprudge and their #YesEqual campaign. I think they are a shining example of how to support your fellow human beings <3 Bravo!!!

  5. Melanie Logan

    1 July

    As someone new to the industry one of the things that has impressed me has been that everyone that I’ve come into contact with in specialty coffee seems to care about more than the coffee, but about each other, and everyone’s ability to be successful. I’ve seen every barrier crossed in shops; age, race, religion, gender. It’s right that what Aaron said has hit a nerve. The people in coffee are better than the petty bullshit that came out of his fingertips the other evening. And it’s not just about gay/straight marriages. This is about someone who should act like an adult acting more like a 4th grade, schoolyard bully.
    I’d like to think today is the day a valuable lesson would be learned by said bully. We all know that isn’t likely the case.

  6. Perfect. Thanks Sprudge!

  7. Fuck yeah!

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