While We Were Out Of The Office…

Here’s a few things that happened in the last few weeks while we were out of the office…

Sprudge Office, West Coast Operations

  • The Cup of Excellence Brazil 2010 International Jury competition took place last weekend. The live auction will go down on January 18. Congratulations to the 31 selected lots and a big high-five to #1 lot Grota Sao Pedro from Claudio Carneiro Pinto and his 93.91 score!
  • Nick Cho microblogged from Seoul where he attended the Seoul Cafeshow 2010. Check out his fun Flickr set. Rumor has it that Nick Cho is securing exclusive rights to a yet unnamed dripper – a dripper that will out drip any dripper in the US market. Developing…
  • Time Out New York is running a feature on the “Best Coffee In NYC” in their latest issue. It’s uniformly pretty bad, focuses real heavily on the Blue Bottle meth lab set, and recommends that you check out Hungarian pastry shops.  Listening to Nick Cho quibble about McCafe is a lot of fun, and their web-only “51 Best Cups Of Coffee” feature is authoritative but poorly organized, but overall the whole thing smacks of a writing assignment. Explore if you dare and have time to kill.
  • Some sensible sustainability discussion from The Guardian. The MSM coffee vibe from England feels somehow less glib, no?
  • Big feature on specialty coffee in The Times of London, featuring interviews with James Hoffmann, Stephen Leighton, and other London coffee notables. This we can actually recommend, as opposed to the Time Out piece.

  1. Jill

    17 December

    Tim, the last time I trusted you, we had Mark.

  2. Wilson

    17 December

    Tim, it is not easy to change one’s perception of things, but it can be very healthy. Some people might even say it’s a growth experience.

  3. Tim Allen

    14 December

    Cho does it again by placing some of the lamest coffees in America in the top slots. This guy is a Q grader???

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