Thousands and thousands of you have voted already for the 2015 Sprudgie Awards, honoring the very best in specialty coffee as chosen by you, our readers, who are us, during the open nominations process. But there’s still time left to make your voice heard. Voting is happening right now over at and we’ll accept ballots until 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, January 3rd. Right now all of the races—literally every single one—are too close to call, with strong voter support rolling in from Sprudge readers around the world.

That link again is—let’s take a look at each of the races, with nominees selected by you. Winner announcements will be made in early January!

Notable Roaster — too close to call. 

Koppi—Helsingborg, Sweden

Heart Roasters—Portland, Oregon

Five Elephant Coffee—Berlin, Germany

Ruby Coffee Roasters—Nelsonville, Wisconsin

49th Parallel—Vancouver, British Columbia

Cat and Cloud—Southern California

Past winners: Small Batch Roasting Company (2014), Drop Coffee (2013), Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters (2012), Verve Coffee Roasters (2011), Tim Wendelboe (2010)

Best New Cafe — much too close to call

Amethyst Coffee, Denver

Playground Coffee, Hamburg

Paramount Coffee Project, Los Angeles

PublicUs, Las Vegas

Bocca Coffee, Amsterdam

Tipico Coffee, Buffalo

Past winners: Scandinavian Embassy (2014), Intelligentsia Logan Square (2013), Pergamino Cafe (2012), Milstead & Co. (2011)

Outstanding Achievement In The Field of Excellence — impossibly close

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood — for work as author of Water For Coffee, as a national barista champion in the United Kingdom, and as a small business owner advancing quality practices.

Third Wave Wichteln — for founders Markus Reuter, André Krüger, and Thorsten Keller, to honor their work as creators and organizers of the world’s foremost international specialty coffee exchange.

Joe Marrocco — for work with Cafe Imports and a distinguished career in the United States specialty coffee community.

Sonja Bjork Grant — for work as a judge and educator across a variety of international specialty coffee competitions.

Agnieszka Rojewska—for work at Brisman Kawowy Bar in Poznań, Poland, and for growing the profile of specialty coffee culture in Poland as national barista champion.

Past winners: Jim Karr (2014), Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski (2013), Gerra Harrigan (2012), Marcus Boni (2011), Aleco Chigounis (2010), Stephen Vick (2009)

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Nicest Package — all packages are nice, much too close to call. 

Five Elephant Coffee, Berlin

Counter Culture Coffee, Durham, North Carolina

La Cabra Coffee, Aarhus, Denmark

Parlor Coffee, New York City

Koppa Coffee, Kraljevo, Serbia

Best Subscription — we are unable to call this race due to its neck-and-neck status

Blue Bottle Coffee

The Coffeevine

Angels’ Cup

Share Coffee

Ceremony Coffee


Past winners: Four Barrel Coffee (2012), Mistobox (2013), Ruby Coffee (2014)

​Best Magazine — nearly every entry has 20% of the vote, and it’s still anyone’s race. 

Caffeine Magazine (London)

Drift Magazine (New York City)

Standart Magazine (Slovakia)

BRYGG Magasin (Oslo)

Barista Magazine (Portland, Oregon)

Past winners: Barista Magazine (2010), Barista Magazine (2009)

Notable Producer — seriously too close to call

Fincas Mierisch, Nicaragua

Tesfaye Bekele, Suke Quto, Ethiopia

Wilford Lamastus, Elida Estate + Lamastus Family Estates, Panama

Ninety Plus Coffees

Tim Wendelboe and Elias Roa, Finca Tamana and Finca El Suelo, Colombia

Past winners: Rachel Peterson & Hacienda Esmeralda (2010), producers of the ECX (2011), Gilbert Gatali & KZ Noir Rwanda (2012), Orang Utan Coffee (2013), Emilio Lopez Diaz & Cuatro M (2014)

​Best Coffee Writing​ — very, very close race. 

Cold Brew 420 (Twitter account)

Matt BuchananThe Awl (Web log)

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Water For Coffee (book)

James HoffmannJimSeven (Web log)

Matt PergerBarista Hustle (Subscription email)

Inge Jacobs, Susan Cote, Lisa Conway, and Kimberly Easson, CQI Partnership For Gender Equity Stage One Report (online report)

Past winners: Alexis Madrigal writing in The Atlantic (2014), Dr. Lisa Knisely writing in Bitch Magazine (2013), Liz Clayton and Erin Meister writing in Serious Eats: Drinks (2012), Oliver Strand writing in T Magazine Online “The Moment” blog (2011)

​Best Coffee Video / Film — really pretty close race as well!

Barista” — the feature length film by Rock Baijnuth.

F*** Cupping” — a Tamper Tantrum talk by Colin Harmon at the Cup North Festival.

ChefSteps Coffee Series — a series of education coffee videos by ChefSteps.

Caffeinated” — the feature length film by Hanh Nguyen, Vishal Solanki, and Derek Baird.

Minneapolis To Winnipeg” — a short promotional film by Dogwood Coffee.

I’ll Go If I Don’t Have to Talk” – an episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Past winners: Dunkin Love by Reggie White & Adrian Anchondo (2014), Hey Girl Guide to Coffeeing by Maria Hill & Nicholas Cho (2013) “Michael Richards” by Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (2012) “Kenya” by Trevor Fife (2011)

​Best New Product — the closest of all races. 

La Marzocco Linea Mini

Acaia Lunar scale

Stagg Kettle by Fellow

Espro Travel Press

Slayer Espresso Espresso Single Group

La Colombe Draft Latte

Past winners: Acaia scale (2014), Modbar (2013), Bonavita Bona Voyage (2012), Craft Coffee subscription service (2011), Able DISK (2010), Mypressi Twist (2009)

Go vote now! 

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