To Whom This May Concern…

Hundreds of handwritten letters are being sent to coffee roasters across the United States. Large and small, new and old, indie and international—these letters all want the same thing: “a replacement” bag of coffee and “an explanation why this happened.”

We’re looking for an explanation, too.

“To Whom This May Concern” is a show about the mystery surrounding Daniel G, the prolific letter writer who has contacted over one hundred coffee roasters across the country to complain about stale coffee. Who is Daniel G? How long have they been writing these letters? How many coffee roasters have been contacted?

We’ll attempt to answer these questions on TWTMC, a new podcast series from Sprudge Media Network. Today we’re excited to present the pilot episode of the series, inspired by shows like S-Town and Serial.

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Stream the episode here.

“Damn, Daniel, get in touch. We’re dying to know what’s up.”Vice

“I’m awaiting the dramatic conclusion to this story as I brew another pour-over.”  — The Takeout