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Welcome to the announcements for the 12th Annual Sprudgie Awards presented by Pacific Barista Series, honoring the very best in coffee.

Nominees for each category were chosen by a worldwide public ballot. Public voting for the Sprudgies took place over several weeks in December 2020, with the ballot box closing at 11:59 PM on Sunday, January 3rd, 2021.

Congratulations to all the nominees—to us, every single 2020 finalist was a winner.

Here they are: the winners, honorees, and finalists for the 12th Annual Sprudgie Awards, presented by Pacific Barista Series!

Notable Roaster

Portrait Coffee
Portrait Coffee (Photo via Portrait Coffee)

Winner: Portrait Coffee (Atlanta, GA)

Honoree: Morgon Coffee Roasters (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Finalists: Tectonic Coffee (Los Angeles, CA), Onyx Coffee Lab (Rogers, AR), Black and White Coffee Roasters (Wake Forest, NC), 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters (Vancouver, BC), Blossom Coffee Roasters (Manchester, England), Three Marks Coffee (Barcelona, Spain)

Best New Cafe

Drip Coffee Strada Low Nigel Portrait Jeremy Paul Hernandez
Nigel Price of Drip Coffee (Photo by Jeremy Hernandez)

Winner: Drip Coffee (Brooklyn, NY)

Honoree: Mina’s World (Philadelphia, PA)

Finalists: Play Coffee (Fullerton, CA), Amberson Coffee & Grocer (Indianapolis, IN), Coffee Circle (Berlin, Germany), Parable Coffee (Columbus, OH), Young & Daughters (Seoul, South Korea), Cafe Farfelu (Paris, France)

Sustainable Cafe

Winner: Bettr Coffee Co. (Singapore)

Honoree: Olympia Coffee Roasters (Olympia, WA)

Finalists: Caravan Coffee Roasters (London, England), L’Arbre à Café (Paris, France), Blank Street Coffee (New York City, NY), Guilder (Portland, OR), Kind Cafe (Vancouver, BC), Coffee Collective (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Best New Product

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Winner: Ode Brew Grinder by Fellow Products

Honoree: Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker

Finalists: Reusable Linen Filter by Crooked Nose & Coffee StoriesPeak WaterBosgaurus Sua Da, TaikaHardtankRishi Sparkling Botanicals

Best Coffee Video/Film

Winner: The Global Coffee Crisis Is Coming, Vox

Honoree: Dalgona Coffee – Explained and Upgraded, James Hoffmann

Finalists: Moving Forward, Grahm Doughty; Axel’s Journey, MolcajeteFilms; No Single Origin, Home Storytellers, Guji Freestyle; Bartholomew Jones; The Barista, Austin Ray Encinias; Coffee Heroes, Jeff Hann

Best Coffee Writing

sensory perception Fabiana Carvalho
Fabiana Carvalho (Photo by Fernanda Nunes)

Winner: Fabiana Carvalho

Honoree: Umeko Motoyoshi

Finalists: Noa BergerBrit AlexandriaJenn ChenSierra YeoKatherine LaVeauxShirley Li

Notable Coffee Producer

Juan Peña (via Cafe Imports)

Winner: Juan Peña, Hacienda La Papaya (Ecuador)

Honoree: Ana Mustafa (Colombia)

Finalists: Anny Ruth (El Salvador), Gilberto Baraona (El Salvador), Gare Ware Jilo (Ethiopia), Ato Tesfaye Bekele (Ethiopia), Rosalba Cifuentes Tovia (Mexico), Virgelina Perdomo (Colombia)

Best Coffee Magazine / Book

The Triumph Black Brazilians In Coffee Book
The Triumph Black Brazilians In Coffee Book (Photo via BD Imports)

Winner: The Triumph: Black Brazilians In Coffee by Phyllis Johnson (USA)

Honoree: Coffee People Zine (USA)

Finalists: Coffee Milk Blood by Vava Angwenyi (Kenya), Roast Magazine (USA), Gourmet Cup (France), Solo Magazine (Spain), Revista Espresso (Brazil), Standart (Slovak Republic)

Best Design Packaging

Three Keys
Three Keys Coffee 33 1/3 Coffee Package

Winner: Three Keys Coffee (Houston, TX)

Honoree: Fritz Coffee (Seoul, South Korea)

Finalists: On The Go Jo (Chicago, IL), Brandywine Coffee Roasters (Wilmington, DE), Cama Coffee (Taipei, Taiwan), Lykke Kaffegårdar (Farsta, Sweden), Sightglass Coffee (San Francisco, CA), Onyx Coffee Lab (Rogers, AR)

Best Coffee Podcast

Winner: La Crema: Podcast de Cafe

Honoree: Trans and Caffeinated

Finalists: Boss Barista, Making Coffee with Lucia SolisCat and CloudKeys to the ShopCraft Your Own Coffee Podcast, The Cxffeeblack Podcast

Best Social Media

Gilly Brew Bar
Gilly Brew Bar Instagram Feed (via Instagram)

Winner: @gillybrewbar (Instagram)

Honoree: @morgandrinkscoffee (TikTok)

Finalists: @baristalifela (Instagram), @_coffeefeed (Instagram), @specialty_pal (Instagram), @Barista_Seung (Instagram), @coffeewerkandpress (Instagram), @cafereina_pdx (née @thearrowpdx) (Instagram)

Notable Event

Glitter Cat DiGiTiTiON logo (Photo via Glitter Cat)

Winner: Glitter Cat DiGiTiTiON

Honoree: Global Coffee Festival

Finalists: Coffee Chats @ Kore, Barista League: Online, Sensory Summit, Bloom, No Free Coffee Pop Up, World’s Largest Coffee Tasting

Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence

This award is presented each year to a remarkable coffee person, organization, cause, or entity that embodies coffee excellence. In light of an incredibly difficult 2020, and the remarkable accomplishments of each finalist in the category, this year’s slate of Outstanding Achievement nominees are each being recognized as full and rightful winners of a Sprudgie Award. Congratulations to our eight winners of a 2020 Sprudgie Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity (winner)
Getchusomegear (winner)
Go Fund Bean (winner)
Southern Smoke Emergency Relief Fund (winner)
Coffee & Tax (winner)
Kore Directive (winner)
Cam’s Coffee (winner)
World Coffee Research (winner)

The 12th Annual Sprudgie Awards are presented by Pacific Barista Series.

See all past winners of the Sprudgie Awards.

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