The Silence Of The Lattes: Beeperless Timers

The Silence Of The Lattes: Beeperless Timers

You’re the ultimate barista blogger. You have a DSLR, a 33 Drinks notebook and an iPad, not to mention plenty of disposable income. What’s the one thing all those specialty shops have in common? No, it’s not that they’re all deserving of scorn; the common thread is that in nearly every single one,  you’ve heard beeping timers going bananas behind the bar.

All the Starbucks in North America employ the ubiquitous CDN TM8 Digital Timer. Wanna pump a hot load of french presses? Set one of the CDN TM8’s to 4 minutes. Beep beep beep beep! How efficient! How awful! Keep track of that pot of coffee in the thermos by setting the timer to 26 minutes, or count up those espresso shots on that Linea. Sound familiar? Sure it does!

Let’s face it: the CDN TM8 Digital Timer is practically de rigueur. We at wish to put a stop to this scourge of audibly offensive timers. Say it with us: “The TM8 is NOT SO GREAT!

Upgrade from McCafe to slick cafe by going silent with the Ultrak T5:

Bzz bzz bzz bzz! So sleek!

Innovative countdown timer vibrates when time is up. Quietly signals you by a vibration of the entire timer. Ideal for noisy areas where hearing a buzzer is impossible. Perfect for alerting you during meetings when an audible alarm is disturbing.

Save the chimes for the box stores, and leave that Skypager back in 1991 – you’ve got shots to pull and records to flip! WORK! May we also suggest Soviet-era stopwatches à la Penny University?