The Inspirational Wisdom of Yoko Buono

The Inspirational Wisdom of Yoko Buono

“Think of all your movements in coffee as dance movements.” – @yokobuono

“Each time we don’t brew what we want to brew, we’re dying. Make a list of how many times you died this week.” – @yokobuono

“When you go through the process of brewing, you brew something inside your soul as well.” – @yokobuono

“Tape the sound of extra hot milk steaming. Bury it in the ground on a snowy day.” – @yokobuono

“Count all the words in Everything But Espresso instead of reading them. Count all the objects in your brew station without classifying them.” – @yokobuono

“Wet coffee. Watch the bloom until it comes into your body and stays as a tiny bloom.” – @yokobuono

“Think of your café as a castle. Invite people and be glad to share the joy.” – @yokobuono

“Each one of us are a planet orbiting in the way we brew. Be an observer, and enjoy watching the orbit of people close to you.” – @yokobuono

“Why do we think that trees are so beautiful showing their age and what they went through & not the same with green coffee? I just wondered.” – @yokobuono

“Brewing coffee is about focusing and balancing. If you focus and lose your balance, you fall. If you balance and lose your focus, you die.” – @yokobuono

“Send lots of love to that brew. Speak to your friend about the brew, how beautiful that brew is, and how proud you are of that brew.” – @yokobuono

Yoko Buono is a transcendental figure on the specialty coffee scene. Follow her on Twitter @yokobuono and brew inner happiness.



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