Fonté Coffee Roasters, a Seattle-based wholesale and retail outfit focusing on boutique hotels and restaurants, is currently featuring the much-hyped Ethiopian Nekisse at its downtown Seattle flagship store.

Available as a single origin espresso or siphon, Nekisse will be offered in-store only and for a limited time. You can read a review of the Nekisse at Fonté by visiting the Seattle-centric and up-and-coming blog Why Not? Coffee.

This naturally processed coffee extracted as a SOE started with deep notes of dark chocolate followed by strong lavender notes that dominated the cup. The espresso finished with a sparkling acidity and smooth notes of honey that caressed the back of my palate as I gently tilted the demitasse back… good to the last drop… it’ll be something that calls your name as you wake up in the morning.

(photo originally uploaded by Alex Negranza at Why Not? Coffee)