Wildfires across California are officially the worst ever recorded. Let that sink in—so many lives lost and missing, so many people affected. It’s horrible and terrifying and time to step up with support. We’re supporting the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund in the form of a direct donation and we ask that you consider doing the same. If you live in the region please stay safe this weekend.

This week’s episode was kind of a weird one—a last minute re-tape, following our difficult decision this morning to postpone scheduled book tour stops across the Bay Area with Counter Culture, Equator Coffees, and Omnivore Books.  On the show we talk a bit about that choice and talk a little bit more about the work CalFund is doing to help support people in need across the state.

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A little later on the show we check back in on Black Coffee—did you listen to last week’s episodes yet? They are available wherever podcasts are clicked and wow, it is some crucial, essential listening. Funny, heartbreaking, raw, and rousing stuff. You just gotta go listen to it. And back on this week’s show, we talk a bit more about the panel experience with Victoria Smith of The Cup We All Race 4, a charming lobby coffee bar in the heart of The Line Hotel DC, our gracious event hosts for Black Coffee DC. We chat with Victoria about the challenges and glories of hotel coffee, her experience as a panelist at Black Coffee, and much more.

Thanks so much for listening to this week’s episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast, and if you’re listening or reading this from California, please stay safe this weekend.

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