Just Say "Guano"

Move over, Kopi Luwak. There’s another painfully expensive, wretchedly poor quality coffee coming out of the digestive tracts of force-fed animals. This time it’s from our beloved winged friends, the bat (Corynorhinus townsendii). It’s just another example of folks cashing in on niche novelty coffee, a practice that blurs the line between the efforts of hard working farmers and a select few who choose to open up  cruel and unusual animal farms, cashing in by exploiting workers and animals alike. We can’t tell what upsets us the most; the  poor suckers who will actually pay $300 for a 1/4 pound of batshit, or the fact that this will probably get more coverage by the mainstream media than any of the outstanding coffees we’ve had this year.

From Animal Coffee:

We make no guarantees regarding the quality of the coffee however we can guarantee that it has passed through the digest tract of a species of bat.

At least they’re transparent.

Thanks to Sprudge Tipper @jasonscheltus via @coffee_prince!