With summer just around the corner (or if you’re from the South like me, it never really left, just kinda chilled out for a hot second), it’s time to start thinking about swimsuits, beach bods, and of course, cold coffee beverages. And Portland’s Stumptown Coffee Roasters may just monopolized the poolside coffee game with the release of their newest ready-to-drink concoction, the Sparkling Cold Brew.

Canned and ready to roll, the new Sparkling Cold Brew isn’t the function of an R&D lab, but had a much more organic genesis. According to Stumptown’s website:

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The inspiration for Sparkling Cold Brew, like most ideas we have, was born in the cafe. For the past year, we’ve been mixing up fresh seasonal Cold Brew sodas in our home cafes. We first launched them in our New Orleans cafe last April, the idea emboldened by a city that loves iced coffee and drinking, in general. We started with the summery Endless Summer and bright Duane Sorenson, both refreshing versions of our favorite cold coffee cocktails.

Stumptown’s newest sparkling jammer comes in three different flavors: Original, with sugar cane and a hint of lemon; Ginger Citrus, a take on ginger beer; and Honey Lemon, their version of the Arnold Palmer.

The Sparkling Cold Brew can is the perfect summer accouterment to sneak into your local public pool (shout out to East Dallas’ Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 3108. I’ll see you soon, my love). And should maybe some whiskey or gin happen to fall into your refreshing coffee beverage, well then, certainly no one would fault you for imbibing it. Ever thus is summer.

And if you need more proof, check out Stumptown’s video, what I can only assume is someone who listens to a little too much Toro y Moi‘s attempt at a shot-for-shot remake of the Adventures of Pete and Pete from memory after a three PBR breakfast and thinking about cold brew a lot.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*all media via Stumptown

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