Steve Albini Served Kopi Luwak To Dave Grohl

Steve Albini Served Kopi Luwak To Dave Grohl


Sprudge readers may remember back in June, when we took Steve Albini to task for advocating on behalf of kopi luwak in a video aired by the AV Club. Much to our shock and delight, Mr. Albini actually saw our editorial, and wrote us an amazing letter, which we then published in its entirety because journalism. That saga continues today.

Buried within this recent NPR interview with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, the surviving members of seminal American rock and roll group Nirvana, is Dave Grohl’s offhand mention of famed producer Steve Albini’s well-documented proclivity towards kopi luwak. It seems Mr. Albini served Mssrs. Grohl and Novoselic a steaming hot cup of the stuff whilst the three were remastering Nirvana’s third, best, and last studio album, “In Utero”, at Mr. Albini’s Electric Audio Studios in Chicago.

Also, Dave Grohl has a well-documented coffee “addiction”, and no, we are not making any of this up. Interviewer Bob Bolien from NPR’s All Songs Considered counts us in:

Boilen: So did you approach [Albini] to do the remixes?

Novoselic: Absolutely. The man. We went to the man, Steve.

Grohl: Straight to the source.

Novoselic: We went to his studio, Electrical Audio in Chicago.

Grohl: He wears a jumpsuit when he works.

Boilen: What color?

Grohl: Blue. Well, sort of like a grayish. It looked like maybe it was cobalt at one point, but it faded in the wash. I’m not sure.

Hilton: Does he put orange hazard cones around the chair he sits in?

Grohl: He works in a onesie.

Novoselic: The place is OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) approved. It’s a super-safe environment.

Grohl: He also serves that kind of coffee that those weird lemurs … when they eat the beans, then they poop them out. They’re very expensive, and you can make coffee with them. And they’re good, too!

Now to be fair, we don’t know the exact timeline of when this all happened. It could be that Steve Albini was serving up the Nirvana boys before our whole kerfuffle happened last June. Perhaps he’s changed his ways in the past few months, influenced by the kopi luwak abuse documentation and heartfelt anti-kopi luwak editorials available online. Or maybe this just happened, and he’s still convinced that kopi luwak is “fucking delicious”, as he told us in the aforementioned published letter. Who knows.

But one thing is for certain, and that’s the fact that Steve Albini is being increasingly associated with kopi luwak in the public imagination. It won’t be long before NPR and the like are introducing him as “Steve Albini, famed record producer and kopi luwak enthusiast.

We don’t have to tell you that kopi luwak production results in unnecessary and avoidable animal abuse, and that all claims about its taste delights are predicated on junk science and myth. Or maybe we do. 




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