Zachary Carlsen, Liz Clayton, and Jordan Michelman share the stage at Sprudge After Dark (Photo: Sam Penix)
Zachary Carlsen, Liz Clayton, and Jordan Michelman share the stage at Sprudge After Dark (Photo: Sam Penix)

Well, it really happened. Last Sunday night we joined forces with our friends & collaborators at Everyman Espresso in Manhattan to put on a fringe late night talk show dedicated to coffee. We call this format Sprudge After Dark, and it launched at the Classic Stage Company, an esteemed off-broadway playhouse that shares space with Everyman’s iconic East 13th Street cafe location. Today we’re presenting the show as a series of videos, and a condensed version of the interviews on our Coffee Sprudgecast podcast series. 

Sprudge After Dark featured live interviews, performance art, drag queens and standup comedy. Our interviews included candid chats with guests like Oliver Strand (NYT), Matt Buchanan (Eater), Liz Clayton (Sprudge), Sam Lewontin and Sam Penix (Everyman Espresso). Our live performers included Jenna Gotthelf, Mini Horrorwitz, Kimberly Clark, and Janet Konz, whose avant-garde performance art piece “The Life of a Coffee Plant” absolutely slayed our audience in the closing number.

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There were full-sized anthropomorphic promotional coffee beans. There were stunning acts of drag, including a heart-rending rendition of The Indigo Girls’ classic “Ghost” as sung by Kimberly Clark. All told it was an evening we’ll never forget, and one of our favorite nights ever in the history of Sprudge. We captured it all for you in video and podcast form so please, give these clips a view, share them widely with your loved ones, and thank you so much for listening to the show.

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We’d like to thank everyone at Everyman Espresso and the Classic Stage Company but especially our show producer Sam Penix, show runner Eric J. Grimm, stage manager Andrew Oakes, audio producer Allison Carroll, and Everyman’s closing staff Tony Ramo and Roger Peffley. A huge thank you as well to all of our guests and performers.

We’re bringing Sprudge After Dark to Europe for a series of events following the 2016 World Barista Championship and World AeroPress Championship in Dublin, Ireland. Stay tuned for details announced imminently!

Thank you to La Marzocco and KitchenAid Craft Coffee Brewers, our beloved sponsors at the Coffee Sprudgecast. 

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