Day One – Friday, February 10th – 23 competitors, beginning at 1pm:

1. 1:00PM Zach Neuman, Cafe Helios, Raleigh, NC @zoneuman

2. 1:08PM Jason Dominy, Batdorf & Bronson, ATL @jasondominy

3. 1:16PM Brian Duggan, Counter Culture Coffee, Washington DC @dugganasaurus

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4. 1:24PM Spencer Keady, Independent, Fredericksburg, VA @macphisto_fan

5. 1:32PM Maurice Moulton, Catalina Cafe, Tallahassee, FL @catalinacafe

6. 1:40PM Kevin Nealon, Counter Culture Coffee, Durham, NC

7. 1:48PM Kyle Ramage, Jubala Village Coffee, Raleigh, NC @kyle_rampage

8. 1:56PM Matthew Souza, 3 Cups, Chapel Hill, NC

9. 2:04PM Daniel Mueller, Aurora Coffee, ATL @simple_algebra

10. 2:12PM James Tooill, Quills Coffee Company, Louisville, KY @jamestooill

11. 2:20PM Jonathan Bonchak, Counter Culture Coffee, Durham, NC @jonathanbonchak

12. 2:28PM Steven Brown, Octane Coffee, ATL

13. 2:36PM Colin Whitcomb, MadCap Coffee, Washington DC @colinwhitcomb

– total competition time of 1 hour, 44 minutes.

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