Some Like It Extra Hot: Marilyn Monroe Coffee Mosa...

Some Like It Extra Hot: Marilyn Monroe Coffee Mosaic Breaks Record


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Australia. The people who brought us Emily Oak, Scottie Callaghan, and the Flat White (not really) have made a coffee name for themselves yet again. A team of twelve Aussies just entered the Guiness Book of Records for largest coffee mosaic, ousting the mark set in 2009 for a depiction of the Mona Lisa. For the record, we’d much rather write Marilyn Monroe coffee puns than concoct a bunch of Michaelangelo schtick.

The team of 12 filled 5200 cups with 680 litres of milk and 780 litres of coffee to varying levels, over the course of 4 hours. This all went down in a setting befitting Hollywood royalty: the Sydney Harbour Overseas Passenger Terminal Forecourt Circular Quay. The SHOPTFCQ earned hosting rights in an exclusive bid over the Syndey Opera House, the Warragamba Dam, and that aquarium thing from Jackie Chan’s “First Strike”.

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DNA – Coffee mosaic of Marilyn Monroe enters Guiness world record

  1. Melissa Allison

    26 July

    Your “(not really)” on the flat white cracks me up. I always go with New Zealand, too, but does anyone really know? And that’s some Marilyn mosaic, right down to the metallic heels.

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