Welcome to the rise of the Chinese Coffee Machine. Introducing HOGOOD! Grown high in the Yunnan province (close to Vietnam).

The coffee market in China, predicted by ICO, is about to burst as many Chinese students abroad are expected to return from western countries. To seize this opportunity Hogood has committed to the industrialization of coffee facilities, to build a domestic brand known for its quality. The Company’s strategic plan is highly adhere to local government policies, and the Company is firmly supported by the government.

Hogood’s coffee plantations have now expanded up to 6,667 hectares, almost one third of coffee planting area in China. Hogood produces 30,000 metric tons of coffee berries annually from over 30,000 acres coffee plants.

Hogood coffee products are characterized by its special flavor; gentle aromatic smell, strong but not bitter, along with its special fruit sour taste. According to ICO, Hogood coffee shares many similarities with Colombia coffee.

We haven’t had a chane to try it. Have you?