Now Watching: “Shit Baristas Say”

Presenting Shit Baristas Say, a production starring Ian Hunter Anderson. Filmed at Four Barrel Coffee, apparel by No Shop.



  1. Christina

    18 January

    “There´s a latte Dying on the table!!” Hahahaha!!!

  2. Daren Sirbough

    15 January

    Haha this was awesome. The Baristas in Australia are even worse. This is Tame

  3. 11001101

    15 January

    Haha, awesome. Here’s a video similar but this one is about the shit customers say to baristas.

  4. Alex Beecher

    14 January

    OMG. This should be a series, and Ian should get a trophy from someone. 

  5. roastinc

    14 January

    Venti??  LMAO

  6. Anonymous

    13 January

    Classic. It shows how StarFucks fucks the real coffee

  7. Meghan

    13 January

    I love this! “THIS is a macchiato,” comes out of my mouth more than a few times a day. Central Oklahoman’s aren’t terribly prepared for non-Starbucks deliciousness.

  8. Silent H

    13 January

    Best bit was the sharp metal-to-metal whack of the PF.

  9. Rwesterfield

    13 January

    +1 for Mott the Hoople in the record rack.

  10. Anonymous

    13 January

    Love it!

  11. thuthu

    13 January

    Oh god I totally pulled the “It’s ESpresso!” last night…

  12. maria

    13 January

    This is scary how dead on some of this is. I am pretty sure I did the “THIS is a macchiato” last night. Although I have to always add, “but if you’d like me to make you a vanilla foamy latte with caramel sauce, I can do that for you” with a BIG smile. Why? We’re a new shop in a Canadian (read – passive-aggressively polite), suburban, coffee-backwards market with a Starbucks across the parking lot. It’s a survival tool.

    “Pffft” and eye rolls happen only in the kitchen.  

  13. Meister

    13 January

    “I don’t even drink coffee anymore.” Classic.

  14. Tcvarney

    13 January


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