Shit Baristas Say 100,000th View Spectacular!

Shit Baristas Say 100,000th View Spectacular!

Holy shit!

After being featured by Boing Boing, Huffington Post, and countless other blogs, the “Shit Baristas Say” video we made last month is nearing its 100,000th hit! We’re offering an exclusive contest for whomever can screen cap that 100,000th view: one day of free advertising on! You can promote whomever you want, whatever you want, so long as it won’t 1. get us arrested, or 2. forever sully our good name. Go get that hit! THERE’S A LATTE DYING ON THE BAR!

Image sourced by 2010 Sprudgie Award winner Stephen Vick.


  1. Mtoddcampbell

    18 February

    “I don’t even drink coffee anymore” loved it!

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