Seattleites and curious Northwesterners, we’re one week away from the maiden voyage of the Northwest Coffee Festival, a “caffeinated wonderland” of espresso, pour over, beer, live music, chocolate, rodeo ponies, and who knows what else, happening June 18th and 19th at the heretofore useless Fisher Pavillion in Seattle Center. We’ve heard bubblings and gurglings about the festival for the last few months, but by now we’re pretty wowed by the list of participating sponsors, including many of our very own cherished partners – Espresso Parts, Batdorf & Bronson, La Marzocco, Stumptown, and Visions Espresso Supply – along with other regional notables like Zoka, Victrola, Fonte, Tom Douglas Restaurants, and Skillet (who, we’re told, make a very good Bloody Mary). The fest is next weekend – you can read more about it and buy tickets here.

In the meantime, Fest organizers have cobbled together the NW Coffee Festival Seattle Coffee Crawl, a week-long massive interurban panopoly of prizes, hangouts, tastings, and excuses to drive to West Seattle. Stuff starts happening today – you can read the full schedule here – and follow along after the bump for some curated highlights from throughout the week.

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Saturday, June 11th – 5pm – Stumptown, 12th Avenue – Kenya Origin presentation with Stumptown Seattle Grand Poobah and all around good guy, Andrew Daday. Limited room, get there early and mingle.

Sunday, June 12th – 3pm – Aster Coffee Lounge, Ballard –
Enjoy Chemex and French Press of some delicious stuff from Ritual and Intelligentsia, have some hangouts, relish any excuse to be in Ballard on a Sunday.

Tuesday, June 14th – 3pm – Zoka U-Village – Nicaragua origin presentation, with tastings and probably some cute boys. Probably.

Wednesday, June 15th – 11am – Victrola Roastery, Pike Street – Cup with Victrola’s roaster and green buyer, check out all the sweet origin maps they have in their backroom, then go eat lunch somewhere fun on the Hill afterwards!

Thursday, June 16th – 3pm – Tougo, Central District – Slow brew demo featuring Intelligentsia, Ritual, Stumptown and Velton’s.

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