Seattle Sprudge readers, hello! We love your dear city—indeed, our little media company was founded there back in 2009, in the now-defunct Stumptown Coffee Roasters location on Pine and Boylston. This coming July 12th—a Thursday—we’re returning to our beloved fountainhead betwixt the mountains and sea for an evening celebrating the first year of Sprudge Wine. We’ll be hosted at L’Oursin (1315 E. Jefferson), Seattle’s exemplary natural wine bar and restaurant, for a happy hour fête running from 5-7pm.

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There’s two special guests that night: Andy Young, the world-traveling hard-drumming winemaker behind Oregon’s St. Reginald Parish wine label; and Brandon Paul Weaver, a noted Seattle cocktailer, bar owner, coffee brewer, occasional Sprudge collaborator, longtime Sprudge fixture, and the proprietor of Foreigner Coffee, a boutique Seattle coffee roasting concern. Young will dole out splashes, Weaver will pull shots, and together with L’Oursin’s well-stocked bar and bottle list it will be a happy hour to remember, perfect to propel you out into a Seattle summer evening.

Guests can also pick up a copy of our first-ever zine, celebrating the first year of publishing Sprudge Wine. Featuring original content from Aaron Ayscough, Dylan Rupert, Emily Dilling, Luc Revel, and Jordan Michelman, plus quotes and notes from the likes of Alice Feiring, Marissa Ross, Isabelle Legeron, Lou Amdour, Kara Fowler, Abe Schoener, and many, many more.

Zines are complimentary for our guests at this evening’s event, but we hear you—we’ll have copies of the zine onsale online for wholesale and individual orders in the coming weeks. Look for more information soon right here on Sprudge Wine. Thanks for reading, and we hope you can join us in Seattle!

That’s 5-7pm at L’Oursin (1315 E. Jefferson) on Thursday, July 12th. See you there? Pony afterwards?

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