From the Tonx blog, which is usually a beacon of sunshine:

Your parents coffee probably sucks.

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Maybe itโ€™s that their generation was raised on canned coffee and the false promises of dubious plug-in kitchen appliances or perhaps raising you and your siblings to adulthood drained them of any zest for life or belief in pleasure โ€“ but many parents-of-a-certain-age seem incapable of providing us good coffee when we visit for the holidays.

So you need to plan accordingly.

He’s right, of course – we tried pussyfooting around with our DWAO (Don’t Weird Anyone Out) DIY Guerilla Coffee Thanksgiving,ย  but leave it to Tonx to cut this issue to the quick. Home for a day or home for a week, there’s certain things you gotta travel with; we’re all in too far deep to accept a week of lousy autodrip.

We still stand by our philosophy – be nice about the whole thing, don’t weird anyone out, and bring along some premium decaf – but Tonx is right, top quality coffee is the key component, and the coffees available at are a shining example.

Don’t be so grumpy, Tonx! Your microroaster is putting out some really delicious coffees, your website looks great, and your Twitter cult is growing. Enjoy the yuletide season and have a glass of wine, whydoncha?

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