Have you ever been perusing Twitter, reading Coldbrew420 tweets and been like, “I wish there was a 420 cold brew?” Well, thanks in part to Ritual Coffee Roasters, now there is. The San Francisco-based coffee roasted has teamed up with Somatik–a Bay Area startup entering the world of pot products—to create the first of its kind (as anyone can tell) co-branded cannabis infused cold brew.

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Coffee and cannabis run in similar circles. From Amsterdam’s “coffeeshops” to pot-infused bulletproof coffee pop-up at Trichome in Seattle (who happens to currently be selling a Marley bubbler that, from overhead, looks exactly like a portafilter), the worlds of high-end coffee and cannabis are often simpatico. Somatik represents the next step in the symbiosis, and according to many folks the San Francisco Chronicle interviewed for the story, is a “watershed moment for marijuana branding.”

“I think it’s really brilliant because it gives them a differentiation,” [high-end food, wine and beer marketing agency Veritcal founder Bill] Kerr said. “Edibles up until now have been driven by, ‘Hey, there’s cannabis inside it.’ This absolutely makes sense. There are coffee connoisseurs like there are cannabis connoisseurs, and they both really care about the sourcing and all the nuances.”

Working with Ritual, Somatik founder Christopher Schroeder tasted 40 different cold brews before landing on an offering from Gigante, Colombia for its “kind of chocolatey flavor” and “top notes of citrus and currant.” Roasted and ground by Ritual, the Colombian coffee is then sent to Somatik for a 12-hour cold brew and THC oil infusion equal to 15mg per eight ounce bottle.

Somatik is currently only available in medical dispensaries but hopes to move beyond that realm once new laws are enacted in 2018 that allow retail sales outside medical dispensaries. So for now you’re gonna have to infuse your own Ritual cold brew with THC oil to get the Somatik effect, assuming it’s legal in your neck of the woods of course. We’d never endorse you breaking any laws.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*top image via Somatik

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