Report From Bogota: Randal H. Bodom, Lost In The K...

Report From Bogota: Randal H. Bodom, Lost In The K-Cup K-Hole…

Ooof, what time is it? Did they announce the big winner yet? Wait, what DAY is it, and where IS everybody? Ugh, this weekend was a real doozy.

Hiiiiiiiiii! Randy here, dusting off the debris from last night’s all-nighter here in Bogota…or was it the night before? I completely lost track of time down here. I mean, I guess that’s what happens when you go ALL NIGHT LONG for 3 nights straight, and wind up in a bottomless K-hole…and by K-hole, I mean K-Cups. I meant to take more HunkShots, and there’s been plenty of hunks, trust me, but honestly at this point they’re all blurring together into some kind of hunky nightmare, the kind that won’t go away when I open my eyes. I really need to get it together. In the meantime, this sprightly South American leprechaun fellow has been haunting my dreams, following my every leer, dancing behind my eyelids whenever I try to get some rest…

What I really need is a tall, cool glass of agua to set me straight. And I guess I’d better call Delta, have them re-book me my business class row of seats for the next flight back to Vegas. I just can’t wait to be home, on the 30th floor of the Palms, halfway through a 2 hour deluxe spa treatment with my cell phone set to BUZZ. But yeah, Bogota was faboo, I’m sure I’ll see you at the next SuperParty. Do me a favor and let me know who won, okay?




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