Rancilio Group is proud to introduce the newest addition to their lineup – the Stile. This ultra-compact and quiet coffee grinder is capable of grinding precisely for any brew method – from espresso to French Press. Its small footprint and sleek design add a modern aesthetic to any coffee bar while two dispensing modes and an easy-to-use touch screen interface make it a joy to work with.

The Stile’s two dispensing modes (one engaged by the touchscreen interface and the other engaged by inserting the portafilter), precise 58mm flat steel burrs, and a micrometric adjustment collar make it easy to achieve both espresso and drip coffee grind sizes. Two timed doses are programmable in both modes, keeping your coffee brewing ritual flexible and customizable.

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The Stile’s hopper holds up to approximately 300 grams of coffee, which is the perfect size for a retail bag at home or dialing in a special roast in a café setting. The Stile is available soon, in black and white.

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