RAINY DAY RECESS: Portland Magazine Features Stump...

RAINY DAY RECESS: Portland Magazine Features Stumptown Roasters That Aren’t Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Portland, Oregon

This article is part of our special Back To School Week series:

Portland Monthly, a glossy niche mag beloved by I-26 Silicon Forest types, have put together a nice little piece on 5 PDX roasters not named Stumptown.

Locally, as Stumptown created a new level of coffee appreciation and enthusiastic experimentation, it also drew a small flotilla of independent coffee roasters that are offering plenty of friendly competition. With an unflagging focus on seasonality, education, and collaboration, this new cadre of small-batch roasters has injected our city’s existing coffee obsession with fresh energy.

The featured roasters are Heart, Coava Coffee, Sterling, Public Domain, and Water Avenue Coffee – sounds like a nice little crawl to us!

Enjoy this article and learn more at Portland Monthly Magazine


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