We are officially in the heart of coffee beer season. As the weather gets colder and rainier, it’s time to put away the low ABV crushers and pick up something with a little more heft, something that’ll fill your belly and warm your bones. And for that there’s the coffee beer.

We here at Sprudge love us a good coffee beer. We’ve featured everything from your more traditional Bourbon Barrel Coffee Porter to the modern and far out reinterpretations like a Guji Gose and a Cascara Saison. And the 2020 list of new coffee beers has no shortage fun collabs, be it the Coffee IPA from Fossil Cove Brewing and Onyx Coffee Lab, the Coffee and Oatmeal Double Porter by Whiplash and 3fe, or even the delightfully awesome Coffee Stout from 2SP made using northeastern convenience store Wawa‘s Reserve Winter Blend.

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But you gotta admit, some of these offerings are getting a little wacky—it’s never been harder to figure out which is the right coffee beer for me. That’s why we put together this handy personality quiz. Answer a few questions, and we’ll recommend a coffee beer that’s sure to please your discerning palate.

Sadly, this quiz is no longer active. 

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