Have you ever dreamed of having your distinctive artistic vision featured on a line of coffee mugs? And have you correctly assumed that such an artistic creation would carry with it a very real and tangible dollar amount, to be made rightfully yours for things like rent or groceries or heck, a celebratory bar tab?

Our friends and partners at PT’s Coffee are making an open call for art submissions, as part of their Artis Series line of distinguished mugs. It’s a contest of sorts, but with a cash payment for the artist’s services as well as a 6 month supply of tasty coffees and some sweet swag. Paying for creative work is incredibly important in this digital day and age, and expecting payment for creative work is your right as an artist. PT’s is doing right by that. Plus, having your art featured on a line of mugs sounds pretty sweet.

You can enter your submission for the PT’s Artist series here. Below we’ve printed the full rules and regs-submissions are open between now and March 31st.

Love coffee? Love art? Love art on your coffee? Love coffee in your art? Hereโ€™s your chance to have your art featured by us along with some other perks.
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The selected artist will win $150.00, a six month subscription of your choice to our single origin or espresso club and two complementary items (t-shirt or mug) with the winning design on it! How do you get to win these riches? Follow these three simple steps:

1) Create an original masterpiece. It must contain โ€œPTโ€™sโ€ somewhere in the design. It will be featured on a t-shirt or mug, so make the design compatible for either format. If your design is too intricate, it may not print in fine enough detail for a coffee mug. Final printed mug size will cover approximately 2 ยผโ€œ by 2 ยฝโ€œ. Please limit the design to three colors or less due to the number of plates required to print it.

2) Submit your art to with your attached file or fill out the form below. We will contact you to let you know if your design has been chosen.

Submit your work by March 31st for consideration for this limited run.

The Fine Print:

1) Submitted work must be original and not offered for sale anywhere else during the availability of this mug. The design will be exclusive for PTโ€™s Coffee Roasting Company and will hold all rights until a new artist and design are selected.

2) Submitted work may not include any images or wording that are hateful, homophobic, racist, violent or derogatory.

3) PTโ€™s Coffee Roasting Company holds the right to use the selected work in any way it sees fit, including other merchandising and advertising for the company.

4) If you are aware that the selected work is used elsewhere by anyone else, the artist needs to contact PTโ€™s Coffee Roasting Company immediately.

PT’s have already selected their first Artist Series mug, by designer Holly Bastin. It’s gorgeous.


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