Boise, ID – Our Gorongosa launches first-ever single-origin coffee from Mozambique. This limited run will join the other signature blends with 100% of profits continuing to be donated to wildlife, people, and the rainforest in Gorongosa National Park.

Single Origin coffees offer a unique opportunity to experience the flavor changes from harvest to harvest in a region. Until now, there has never been a coffee available on the market 100% crafted from green beans originating in Mozambique. This accomplishment comes paired with many economic benefits to the community around Mount Gorongosa.

“(This) is the region’s first significant regenerative agriculture export ever, representing a positive step towards building an inclusive local green economy. The result of a strong combination of coffee expertise and sustainable development initiatives, this unique coffee reflects Our Gorongosa’s approach to create shared value for local farmers and protect the biodiversity on Mount Gorongosa” says Matt Jordan, CEO of Our Gorongosa.

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Over half of the population in Mozambique lives under the poverty line. The goal for the Single Origin launch is to continue building the local green economy, to ultimately lift every family out of the sustainable development zone. It also celebrates the continued success of regenerative farming practices that have been implemented in the region, showcasing the dedication and hard work of farmers around Mount Gorongosa.

The hope is for coffee drinkers to enjoy this groundbreaking brew and feel connected to Mozambique knowing that 100% of the beans are from Mount Gorongosa, and 100% of those profits will go back into the local economy.

The limited-edition single-origin medium roast features flavors of walnuts, toast, and Meyer lemon. It’s available in 12 oz. bags while supplies last. First customers will also receive an African Teak coffee spoon handcrafted in Gorongosa National Park as a gift with their purchase. The spoons will be available on the website for those that miss the opportunity to receive them with their Single Origin Purchase. 100% of profits support people, wildlife, and the planet in Gorongosa National Park. Savor even greater impact with the first specialty single-origin coffee grown entirely on Mount Gorongosa.

(This release of Single Origin will only be available for North American Customers. Customers around the globe can still enjoy our signature blends by visiting

About Our Gorongosa

Our Gorongosa coffee is grown in the shade of Mount Gorongosa’s rainforest. The mountain’s unique micro-climate provides nutrient-rich topsoil that delivers a great-tasting, high-quality arabica coffee bean. 100% of our profits support these initiatives, leading the way for other direct impact businesses. Our vision is to create a world where people and the planet thrive together.

About Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa National Park is a Peace Park located in Mozambique, Africa – a region that suffered a 17-year civil war. When the conflict ended, the Park’s savanna emerged nearly empty – almost all of its wildlife was lost and its people were suffering. Sixteen years later, the Gorongosa Restoration Project took flight, a groundbreaking conservation model that unites the needs of the Gorongosa National Park’s wildlife, ecosystems, and people. This people’s park invests in the education, health and livelihoods of its people and empowers them to be the guardians of Gorongosa.

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