Why, it wasn’t even 3 months ago when we reported on plans for Olympia Coffee Roasters’ brand-new third location. What a busy three months its been for our friends & partners at OCR; an epic build-out, a clean health inspection, and now their stunning new minimalist art deco inspired cafe is open to the public.

Instagram has been blowing up all morning with snaps of the new spot. Let’s peruse, shall we?

From Instagram user @terryz2, this shot captures the bar scene as you encounter it upon entry. You can clearly see the bar’s distinct half polygonal shape, the Marco Uberboiler, and a small display of OCR whole bean for sale on the front counter. All is sparse and clean.


Next, from Olympia Coffee’s own Instagram feed, a glimpse of the cafe from outside looking in.

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The cafe itself is located in Olympia’s historic Wildwood Building, in the South Capitol / Wildwood residential neighborhoods of Olympia.  This building is a grand old dame, from a time in Pacific Northwest history when modern design and Hollywood style influenced otherwise rain-soaked architectural choices (see: Canlis Restaurant, Seattle; St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tacoma). Here’s an exterior snap of the Wildwood from yesteryear:


Let’s kick it back over to the here and now with two more snaps from @terryz2 – check out their sparse, gorgeous condiment bar, next to a floating wrack of merch.


Last one, a view from the bar’s far corner, over top of the Uberboiler:


Thanks to Terry Ziniewicz (@terryz2) and Olympia Coffee Roasters for the photos. Go check out the new Olympia Coffee Roasting cafe for yourself, now open at 2824 Capitol Blvd!

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