*UPDATE! for May 14th*

Is it time you “Found A Job”?

This is an awesome time to be armed with a specialty coffee skill set, as some of North America’s top coffee concerns are in need of man power, gal strength, and general industry know-how.

Joe NYC and Verve in Santa Cruz are now hiring. If you have aspirations of living and working in Vancouver, BC, well, there’s a job there too with the fine folks at Revolver Coffee.

In fact, if you want to stay abreast of all the myriad hiring going on in NYC, there’s a handy dandy website doing the hard work for you. New York Coffee Jobs currently has listings for Stumptown, Kaffe 1668, Sweetleaf, and Toby’s Estate, among others. You officially no longer have an excuse to sit around all day, reading this website. Unless of course you worked your way up to a marketing job in specialty coffee, in which case, you’ve earned every right to sit around all day reading this website.

Now Hiring:

Joe, New York City

Revolver Coffee, Vancouver, BC

Verve Coffee Roasters, Santa Cruz, CA

Craft Coffee, NYC

Cafe Imports, MPLS

Additional resources:

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