Exciting news out of Norway – the coffee creatives at Kaffikaze picked up at prestigious award for “Årets Vakreste Bøker” (this year’s most beautiful book). The award was presented by Graffill, a Norwegian creative communication organization.

Ingri Johnsen (Solberg and Hansen) and Harald Johnsen Vøyle (Creative Director at Kaffikaze) accepted the award. Harald tells us that he said “something completely odd and ridiculous about Lars [Kolstad Huse] not being there”.

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Lars K. Huse (pictured left) illustrated A To Z coffee – and the team at Kaffikaze set out to create an accessible and amusing book, “filling a gap in the market overflowing with purely informative, and at times frankly boring books.”

The team went at great lengths to create a truely beautiful object, hand selecting the perfect grade of paper for the pages as well as the cover. In a recent interview, Lars discusses the process:

I went around to different paper companies, feeling and touching.

I wanted something a bit ephemeral, and had an idea of using a bible paper. I was looking at this German one that was 40gsm!

It was a matter of feeling and light shining through. It needed to be just right, not showing too much through the page. But also it needed to be printable, obviously, and I was on a budget. I found these amazing Japanese papers and an architectural paper that was quite similar to the paper used in coffee filters.


Congratulations to the Kaffikaze team! For more on the project, visit their website.

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