Scott Rao’s New Espresso E-Book Is Arguably ...

Scott Rao’s New Espresso E-Book Is Arguably More Important Than Cats


Scott Rao, author of “The Professional Baristas Handbook” and “Everything But Espresso”, has penned a brand new e-book available now on Amazon for just $9.99. When asked why it’s worth ten bucks, Rao says, “For the price of 3 v60s it teaches a lot. Want to make much better use of your $400 refractometer? Figure out how to get higher and better extractions out of your espresso? Learn at least 10 useful new ideas to improve espresso making? I can at least say it’s a far better $10 investment than buying 1/6 of a tamper.”


Just a taste of Rao’s new book, in a refreshing mint green.

An Amazon reviewer writes, “If you’re looking to take your espresso to another level (and who isn’t, really?) this book is indispensable.”

Praise for the e-book has been heard far and wide across social media. Sandy Bledsoe, noted barista and owner of the (espresso) bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan, calls it “a must read for coffee professionals. Easily the best ten dollars you’ll spend on improving your cafe.”

One Rao fan laments:

And in an especially charged series of emails to the editors of Sprudge, a die-hard Rao fan commented, “In all seriousness you need an article reviewing the new Scott Rao Ebook [sic]. It’s an excellent comprehensive guide to espresso that’s way more informed than any other espresso text. Also 1/20th the price of attending a Kaminsky espresso class. [Your] Coffee + Cat Buzzfeed style posts aren’t helpful to the industry. Espresso sucks most places, and this is an easily accessible resource to remedy that for only 10 bucks.”

But it’s not all been blind praise and queening out on behalf of Mr. Rao’s new book. In the darkest corners of polite conversation, there have been carefully aimed critiques; one unnamed Sprudge reader told us they felt the book was “lacking in substance“, and that the portion of the book centered on water science amounted to “100% conjecture.

How do you really feel? Rao’s book is available now on Amazon for just $9.99, and the comments section on this article is open. 



  1. Jimmy Russell

    26 September

    Well put, Spencer

  2. Spencer William

    23 July

    Scott Rao is to the coffee professional what Mark Prince is to the coffee beginner.

  3. sam

    26 September

    Scott’s one of the only coffee authors I’ve actually learned new ideas from, so I was pretty stoked when this book was released. I read it within hours of being posted, and it was worth every penny and then some. Even if you believer you’re already a master of coffee beyond improvement (note: you’re not), it’s good to have a concise espresso reference on hand.

  4. Cam

    24 September

    Good to hear Scott, ebook purchased! Keep up the stellar work

  5. Scott Rao

    23 September

    Llewellyn, thanks for the kind words. I knew I’d regret posting that “1/6 of a tamper” comment on facebook!

    Cam: this one will be only in ebook format. But look for a big, exciting hardcover book (not about espresso,though) in about six months. It will be full of interesting info and probably some conjecture as well.

  6. Jlove

    23 September

    No shade intended. Some of us just take coffee really seriously.

    I live in LA which is a specialty coffee haven. Given the availability of “good roasters” you would think it’d be easier to get tasty coffee but I am never impressed and rarely satisfied.

    Rao has given the industry so much to learn from and I’ve seen people try to refute his ideas before even reading the books. I’m not sure why a 10 dollar book of this caliber gets poo-poo’ed or critiqued for conjecture when David Schomer’s book is still in circulation.

  7. Justin Enis

    23 September

    Rao knows a thing or two…

    or three.

  8. Cam

    23 September

    Does Rao have plans for a regular (not “E”) version of this book?

  9. Joy Marchionni

    23 September

    We all know Mr. Rao to be one of the best and I’m grateful to know this new ebook exists.

    On a completely unrelated topic, please consider opening comments to all your articles. I think the community of Sprudge readers would value this forum; I would, certainly.

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