The future of coffee is uncertain.

The newest issue of Wired Magazine takes a stab at predicting things to come with their popular “look into the future” feature series. The feature’s “cafe of the future” borrows from barista competition signature drinks (six-shot espresso vapor is on the menu), takes on the potential scarcity of specialty by charging $40 a cup for the “Norway Global Seed Vault Arabica”, and calls Aeropress “a vintage brew method”. The whole thing is delightfully nerdy.

Wired says:

Caffeinate while you can. In the mid-21st century, rising global temperatures have endangered Coffea Arabica in its indigenous habitats, giving rise to geographically distributed stockpiles and hardier mutant strains.

Taking a closer look at the graphic above, those nano-fondant galettes look amazing. We’re also enamored with the idea of coffees on tap. Can someone make that happen in a non-iced coffee capacity? Wired seems to think we’re in for an otherwise dark future, with exactly 1,203 cups of Ethiopia Hawa Yember left on the planet. We’re assuming this cafe is located in a trendy district of New New York, where there’s no more weather and Bruce Willis drives your hover taxi.