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Melbourne! There’s no other city quite like it, and though we’ve been covering your coffee scene heavily over the last six months (courtesy of our Melbourne staff writer, Eileen P. Kenny), your humble Sprudge Editors have not visited since the World Barista Championship invaded Melbourne last May. We’re amending this considerable error by sending Sprudge co-founder and editor Jordan Michelman on a whirlwind three days in Melbourne, following his speaking engagement at the 2013 New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association Symposium.

Will there be drinks at The Beaufort? Good heavens yes – join us there on Monday, November 11th for a pint (or two) and a whiskey (or three) at one of our favorite bars in the world. But the main event is on Tuesday, November 12th, when we’ll be collaborating with our friends at Everyday Coffee in Collingwood to ring in the impending Australian summer with a celebration of all things cold brewed.

Delicious iced coffee is delicious. Here’s more on the event from Your Mates at Everyday:

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 8.18.04 PM

Interested in bringing along some tasty cold brew? Email EverdayChill@Sprudge.com and we’ll arrange the pertinent details. And who knows? Perhaps an internationally revered American specialty coffee company or two will come through with some international cold brew shipments. Crazier things have happened – you’ll just have to show up and see.

DJ sets to follow will be predictably chill. Come join us!

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