Sprudge.com co-founder Zachary Carlsen is in Costa Rica all week long, embedded in the Cafe Imports Origin Trip alongside all 6 of the 2012 US regional barista champs.

There are a great many perros in Costa Rica, but none quite like the one we met late last night as the Cafe Imports Barista Trip bus (nicknamed the “Coaster Rica”) rolled into Tarrazu.

Her name is Rainbow Sprinkles.

Rainbow Sprinkles lives on Rancho Amalia with three other dogs of varying breeds and sizes. Rainbow Sprinkles prefers wearing hand-knit sweaters, loves to snuggle, and is a big fan of barista champions.

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“Hola! Me llamo Rainbow Sprinkles.”


“Welcome to my finca! You are looking muy bueno today.”


“I see you have noticed my sweater. Really, it is nothing. Just a little something I wear from time to time…”


“Sure, you can put a sweater on any perro, but there is only one Rainbow Sprinkles!”

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