Mahmoud, How Rude! Iran Cracks Down On Cafes

Mahmoud, How Rude! Iran Cracks Down On Cafes

This just in: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that mean old President of Iran, has put the kibosh on the cafes in Iran. Around 90 small businesses were raided by Iran’s “morality police” last weekend, Reuters reports:

Coffee shop culture has flourished in Iran in recent years, offering wireless Internet, snacks, hot drinks, and a place to hang out for Iranian youth in a country where there are no bars or Western chain restaurants or cafes.

But that trend has been criticised by conservative Iranians who consider it a cultural imposition from the West and incompatible with Islamic values. The government periodically cracks down on behaviour it considers un-Islamic, including mingling between the sexes outside of marriage.

Cafes were shut down specifically for serving hookah to women, and several women were arrested for not following the strict Iranian dress code. Not to get all judgy or culturally insensitive or whatever, but Iran sounds like a terrible place to live if you happen to 1. like cafes, and 2. have a vagina.




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