In San Francisco,ย one-bedroom apartments are now going forย around $3,530. One industrious millennial has figured out a way to pay 10% of that by living life on a sailboat. 23-year-old Sarah Carterย found a $9,000 sailboat on Craigslist and pays around $350 for mooring and utilities (the internet and parking are free).

Her 136-square-foot home is cozy, but she still finds a place for her coffee brewing gadgets.


Sprudge Design Awards 2023


Is that a Hario Buono Kettle next to a beautiful floral display? Why yes it is!


And here we have not one but two hand grinding devices! Cast your sails, we’re brewing for keeps!

Get the look!

If you want to live life and brew coffee the Sarah Carter way, here are the gadgets Carter has on board. Most are available at your favorite coffee retail outlet:


a. Hario Skerton Mill
b. Zassenhaus Turkish Mill
c. Hario Buono Kettle
d. Hobnail Cast-Iron Teapot
e. Sailboat

All photos via Instagram @sarahdenacarter.

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