Could this finally spell the end to that 10% Kona / 90% filler “good Hawaiian coffee” that grandma demands every Christmas?

Via HuffPo:

Kona coffee growers want Hawaii’s labeling law modified to provide more details on packages of coffee blends that contain Hawaii-grown beans.

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Currently, coffee blends sold in the state that contain Hawaii-grown coffee must disclose what percentage is grown in the islands, and it must be at least 10 percent. The Kona Coffee Farmers Association said Thursday that it wants the state Legislature to consider a bill it has drafted that would also identify where the remainder of the blend is grown.

If the association is successful an example of a package label would read, “90 percent Panamanian coffee, 10 percent Kona coffee.”

The state senator from Kona said Thursday he plans to introduce the bill at the end of the month. “I respect the local community and Kona coffee is a big issue for us,” state Sen. Josh Green, D-Milolii-Waimea, said.

Next year buy Grandma Tu-Tu something from that big haole Pete Licata.

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