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Today People Magazine announced their pick for Sexiest Man Alive – the nod went to Maroon 5 front-man and certified chowder-head Adam Levine (barf). So as to keep pace with the whims and morays of popular culture, this week is naming some of our own picks for the Sexiest in Coffee. On Monday we chose the Baratza Forte grinder as “Sexiest Grinder Alive” and today, dear readers, the picks continue. 

The 2013 Sexiest Coffee Variety Alive is the Bourbon variety.

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The Bourbon is a sexy coffee cultivar of the Coffea arabica species.

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According to the sensual minds of Wikipedia, “Bourbon coffee was first produced in Réunion, which was known as Île Bourbon before 1789. It was later taken by the French to mainland Africa and to Latin America, and is now one of the two most popular Arabica coffees grown worldwide, the other being Typica coffee.”

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The image above is a fresh crop cherry, picked immaculately. When brewed, it’s sure to be sweet, silky, and impossibly smooth.


In fact, the bourbon variety is SO sexy that certain coffee companies sell based upon its qualities alone. You can shop direct bourbon variety coffees through Stumptown Coffee’s bourbon landing page, or via Counter Culture Coffee’s Variety: Bourbon project.  


Images via the sexy Flickr streams of Counter Culture Coffee and Virmax Coffee, and from Stumptown Coffee. Stay tuned as we announce more Sexy products this week on Sprudge.

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