Who doesn’t love a nicely improved piece of coffee kit?

You’ve seen gear from Aram—a Brazilian design company focused on non-electric coffee brewers—previously here at Sprudge Now the owner, Maycon Aram, has now launched a new crowdfunding campaign to help dramatically improve production fabrication and tooling for his disruptive portable coffee maker, greatly improving the device’s overall price and production time. This crowdfunding campaign includes a spiffy new array of colorways for pre-purchase here.

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The Aram Coffee Maker does not require a power source—you need only supply hot water and a grinder. It has a thread-controlled pressure instead of a lever mechanism, and the pressure applied to the coffee bed is manual, meaning that each extraction is totally unique, tailored by whoever is handling the coffee maker. It’s rather simple to use and depending on the grinding and the pressure applied, you can make different types of coffee extractions, from espresso to tea. (You read that right, tea—the 2.0 version of the device now includes a pre-infusion feature.)

It’s a nice—and beautiful—tool to have at home or take with you on camping trips, and it looks great on Instagram, which is important these days. I’ve personally tried some very respectably extracted espressos from an Aram in a variety of different circumstances across Brazil, and I can’t wait to see an improved version of this handy device come to life. The project is now live on a crowdfunding page through February 1st, shipping worldwide.

Juliana Ganan is a Brazilian coffee professional and journalist. Read more Juliana Ganan on Sprudge.

All media via Aram

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