It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, it’s not the changing of the seasons. It’s not the Halloween parties or even the upcoming family-sanctioned gluttony of American Thanksgiving. No no no. It’s RAW WINE Week! It’s time again for the world’s preeminent minimal intervention wine festival, and this time, it’s taking over North America, all of it. The fortnight-long wine “week” features the Montreal, New York, and Los Angeles iterations of RAW as well as 100+ events happening all across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Officially starting today, October 31st—though places like Montreal’s Bar Henrietta already started pre-gaming four days ago—RAW will officially begin the festival festivities tomorrow with the one-day RAW WINE Fair in Montreal. The Fair will then spend the next two weekends hopping around the United States, first in New York then in Los Angeles.

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Sprudge Wine will be on location at all three events, so keep an eye out for our coverage in the coming weeks, and be sure to follow us on Instagram where we’ll have special guest takeovers in the coming days. Stay tuned!

But this year’s North American RAW WINE is so much bigger than just these three fairs. This year, it’s a “continent-wide hullabaloo exalting the wonders of natural, low-intervention organic & biodynamic wines is a celebration of all the growers, makers and drinks” that will be in attendance the three fairs, per an email from RAW.

Events include a takeover by Austria’s Johannes Zillinger at Le Tachinomi Desu in Mexico City, a tasting of all the Walden Selections making their way to RAW at Left Bank in Seattle, as well as a Meet the Maker session with Noel Diaz of Purity Wine at The Wine Bottega in Boston. With over 100 events and counting, this year’s RAW WINE promises to be the biggest yet.

Tickets for the RAW WINE Fairs are available via their official website (Sorry, my Quebecois friends, the Montreal event has already sold out), and they are going fast. For a full list of RAW events taking place over the next few weeks, check out the RAW WINE Week interactive, searchable map here.

Top image via RAW WINE

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