Day two of Intelligentsia’s Extraordinary Coffee Workshop keeps on keeping on, with this morning’s focus placed squarely on roasting. As such, there’s a pretty fascinating scene going on outside: Christian, Gabe and Mike (the three roasters of the Intelli apocalypse) lead 3 teams of ECW guests, working in the open air on a row of two kilo Probatinos. The producers have been clustered together without regard for nationality or acquaintance (seriously, there’s a lot of passport variety here), and thus one is presented with the site of Moises Herrera from Honduras leaning in to listen to the beans, Mike Kirby questioning Ansha Suleiman using the Socratic method, and Geoff Watts chatting Probat history with the man, the legend, Alfonso Penagos.

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The producers will roast three different batches of coffee, with a focus on hands on participation and skills building. Every team will create three roasts, then tomorrow they’ll do a cupping in the morning to choose which roast profile they like the best. Then as a massive group, we’ll all brew, taste, and choose a winning roast out of all the coffees. Nationalities will be transcended, beans will be buffered, and that coffee roasting smell will permeate all of our clothes.

Stay tuned to Sprudge for all the latest from Los Angeles (which is NOT the same as Glendale, apparently.)

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